Why upgrade is needed?


Your SADIS System needs replacement

You are very probably aware that the SADIS 1G system will be switched off by the end of 2008. In addition, significant changes related to TAF will be applied on 5th November 2008 according to ICAO Annex 3 Amendment 74.

There are only few months left for securing a new solution.

If this action requires a hardware upgrade as well as a software upgrade, it might become a rather big project.

BUT: There is a shorter and much simpler way available:

  1. You can get the software now for free for a limited evaluation period!
    This will allow you to work immediately with SADIS FTP (full SADIS stream superior to SADIS 1G, only Internet connection is needed).
  2. Later, you can purchase SADIS 2G hardware separately
    The supplier will already be aware of the software you have, and a pre-configured receiver will be delivered. This can easily be put away even to the next year.
  3. When you like the software, you can register it to get an unlimited license including a one-year warranty.
    The software package is the most advanced and most powerful one on the market, and above all - it is designed to be the most valuable one for your money too!

We want to provide you with an easy and understandable guidance on how to migrate to SADIS 2G in a very convenient and simple way, using the best and most user-friendly tool available.