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  • Highly efficient software instantly providing briefing documents with OPMET data, BUFR SIGWX and GRIB charts - all you need is a PC and a printer.
  • Runs on ordinary Windows PC (XP, 2003, Vista). Requirements: 1GB RAM, 5GB Disk space, Pentium IV 2GHz or better.
    (Note: Linux version is also available, but is not part of the promo offer; please contact us if you are interested.)
  • Computer-based-training (CBT) is included, to demonstrate you how to use the software and how to do your briefing tasks.
  • Runs seamlessly with SADIS FTP. (No hardware needed! Just Internet connection 128kBit or higher, and that's all.)
  • Easily connects to a SADIS 2G receiver - just order it from the manufacturer, tell them you are using Aero Weather, and you get it ready-to-use, no setup needed.
  • The most advanced WAFS Workstation on the market.
    • Tested to comply with the requirements of UK Met Office.
    • Supports changes of ICAO Amendment 74 that will become effective on 5th November 2008 (if you don't upgrade, your old software will not work for briefing any more!)
    • First software supporting GRIB2, or adjacent long-haul flight charts.


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